Urdu Translation Service  

Urdu Translation Service

TransUrdu is an English to Urdu translation service, where translation work is performed manually. Word for word software processing results in inappropriate contextual/cultural/linguistic accuracy and disordered syntax of your valuable translation. The confusion that results in such situation may require manual understanding & work sense to avoid it, that takes you back to source contents to work out again from scratch. Under manual solution approach, we serve wide range of translation fields & formats in both language pairs on various general, special, academic, legal, medical, technical, subtitles, verse & research areas / topics / subjects as well as website translations & more ...

Manual Translation

This is my personal concept of manual translation, specially for the natives of a particular target language.

  • Your mother tongue is naturally the easiest target language to translate into, thats the reason, natives are preferred to localize a product so that native readers may not consider or feel your translation somewhat unusual, out of nuance or non-standard. But there are some exceptions such as your naturalization in a second language in native environment or if the target audience are non-natives or translation contents are verse instead, which possess syntax flexible nature. I am not naturalized in a second language, but verse or non-native target audience is my exception as well as this article, as it is not a translation.
  • Your academic background, general knowledge, field of work & some basic translation & writing skill/experience would be helpful & beneficial, so you can manage & meet basic requirement and therefore, more the ability more the accuracy.
  • Keep translation references, resources & tools available & handy such as physical/digital resources, references, translation memory/management tools, as well as standby online references required generally.
  • Its important to know topic/title/subject of the source contents if available, otherwise, the next tip may assist you pick some good idea.
  • Take an overview by reading the entire contents of the source contents for an idea & comprehension of what it is all about & what's all about it to have a concise grasp over the contents, as we know that translation should not just aim to literally change words from one language into another, but rather understand & comprehend the idea or sense conveyed by writer and to express & interpret into another, which should be faithful & corresponding to the original text.
  • As you start, it's good to keep previously read overview in mind. Go word by word and sentence wise by carefully studying/understanding each of them in context of the overview/situation/sense/syntax/context/idea and evaluate choosing most appropriate/accurate equivalents (meanings) corresponding to the target language (ideally native) culture, customs, conventions, standards, linguistics, nuance & audience. Use available references, resources & tools as needed. Review entire section, passage, para or portion for accuracy & correctness as you finish and continue the same way with every instance to complete work.
  • Unfamiliar words, phrases & expressions, where you are not sure about meaning or idea whether corresponding to the context of the contents in question, you may need to explore available resources thoroughly to find most appropriate & accurate solution (meaning) or alternatives, best corresponding to the content requirement.
  • You may encounter situation where a particular item in source content may not be available or existed in target language culture/customs/linguistics or no alternative equivalents is available. There you may need to replaced with a seem-less short expression or description, corresponding to original in length & meaning.
  • Once you finish translation, read source contents & translation again to check, edit, correct & improve for spelling, syntax, grammar, structure & accuracy to ensure quality.
  • Proof read the entire work for overlooked instances, mistakes & errors to ensure accuracy before you finalise or publish. Reading aloud at a later time with fresh mind is a good idea for a better proof reading.
  • For better work quality, unlike experienced translators, I rely on references & tools for a broader scope & managed approach, so I get desired results and quality.
  • According to good translators, writing skill may benefit a translator. I am not a writer, but at least, I can benefit from these translation tips to become a good translator. I think a writer turns creative ideas into literary work and a translator with the same characteristics would be more capable in expressing & interpreting in a writer's style.
  • Another important aspect is the style. Just like writer, a translator also possesses an individual style like sentence & paragraph structuring, vocabulary, etc, which may not be maintained, if source content on a particular topic is divided among several translators for some reason, say urgent delivery etc. Therefore, it is also in customer benefit to keep this aspect in mind as sufficient time allowed for a translation may benefit work performance, quality & accuracy.
  • Beware of frauds offering extra bucks for illegal work. Messing up with others intellectual property without their consent is illegal. For a translator, the best customer is the author, content owner or the original sources of the contents. Similarly, for a customer the best translator is the native of a target language, as is more comfortable with the work contents. See terms & conditions for more.
  • Finally I like to express what I like most in translation, though you may think it funny. For 100% accuracy, a translator has to utilize all efforts, skills, experience, references and tools to understand & interpret source contents as corresponding to the original text as expressed by the content writer. If a translation work is out of translator's field of practice, say a technical work, such as a computer programming book to translate. If you want attempt such tranlsation for 100% accuracy, you need to have some idea of the topic in question. In that case, if you pay more time & attention, the closer you care to attain work accuracy, the better you need to understand the new topic well, which is beneficial in learning a new topic, as you work.

Urdu Phonetic Litepad

You might have Urdu script keyboard layout utility installed in the system. If you don't, then this Urdu phonetic Litepad may be a convenient virtual map to such layout, although not an alternative to real layout installed as a system utility, that may allow you type Urdu script characters directly from your existing keyboard layout, regardless of installed script & then copy-paste elsewhere you like. Win XP users may need to have Urdu script installed using their XPcd (no need in Vista or Win 7). Since this textpad is a virtual map of Urdu charset for demo purpose only, some characters may be inaccessible or incompatible, depending on your existing layout, that ofcourse, may not be the case in a real layout installed as a system utility, which may be downloaded and installed from our Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Download site. This litepad is best displayed in IE Trident layouts and incompatible with Gecko & WebKit.

Urdu Litepad
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